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Up Coming Project of The Company

Estd. - 2001

Up Coming Projects :

A. Bio Fish Feed >------------------------------------------------------------------->>

Project's Discriptions :

Higher productivity (It enhances survival rate, growth performance, feed conversion in the culture systems of fish). Higher bio-security. Cost-effective feed production. It reduces utilization of protein rich feed and cost of standard feed.

B. Bio Fertilizer >------------------------------------------------------->>

Project's Discriptions :

Biofertilizers increase yield by up to 30 percent because of the nitrogen and phosphorus they add to the soil. The improvement in soil texture and quality helps plants grow better during periods of drought. Biofertilizers help plants develop stronger root systems and grow better.

C. Soil Mixed >------------------------------------------------------------->>

Project's Discriptions :

Soil mixing consists of using specially designed augers or special tools to mechanically mix the soil with an in situ binder. The process simultaneously breaks up the soil without removing it, injects a binder at low pressure and thoroughly mixes the binder with the soil.

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