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On Going Projects of The Company

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On Going Projects :

A. Industrial Biogas Program >--------------------------------------------------->>

Project's Discriptions :

Industrial biogas plant is where biogas is produced by fermenting biomass. The substrate used for the production of this methane-containing gas usually consists of energy crops such as corn, or waste materials such as manure or food waste.

B. Roof Top Solar System >---------------------------------------------->>

Project's Discriptions :

Rooftop Solar Project is its latest intervention in renewable energy sector financing. Under this financing scheme IDCOL provides concessionary loan facility, technical compliance monitoring, project development support & performance monitoring support.

C. Solar Irrigation Pump >---------------------------------------------->>

Project's Discriptions :

If consistency on the rate of flow for your pond isn't critical for your pleasure – or your turtle's needs – a solar fountain pump is a great option, with or without backup power. However, if a consistency of flow is needed, you should see if you can find a solar fountain pump with battery backup.

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