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Md. Jewel Hossain - C.E.O of Methopath Group

LL.B-NU, LL.M-Islamic University, MBS-NU

Welcome to Methopath Group

''To achieve success one has to keep in mind, four (4) important tenets: Honesty, Hard work, Punctuality and Sincerity.''

Dear Visitor(s),

It is my limitless pleasure to welcome you on behalf of myself and all of my colleagues to the website of Methopath Group On this website you can read up-to-date information on our company’s history, its present activities, current issues and its plans for the future. Present business sector is very competitive. The present time is also an era of information technology. So I am very much convinced that the requirements of today’s world mean that it is not enough for Methopath Group to be at the forefront in import and export and distribution business. We also need to provide the most transparent and complete information possible so that our clients and business partners as well as the common people get the information they need as quickly as they can. With our website, as we believed, we can achieve our goals.

With short span of time, after establishment, Methopath Group has achieved good position in the local trade sector in Bangladesh. By efficient and intelligent leadership of Company’s boards and hard labor of the team, our company has proved its capability of doing import and export and distribution business successfully. In the field of importing foreign goods to Bangladeshi market, we mainly focused on Horticultural & FMCG products so that the Bangladeshi people can easily get life-saving foods of famous brands of the globe. It is our main objective of importing and exporting and distribution Horticultural & FMCG products from first countries around the world.

Already we have showed our success in this regards. We have been able to make good relation with famous Horticultural & FMCG manufacturers of USA, GERMANY, UK, UAE, and ASIA and may other European countries. For importing and exporting and distribution Horticultural & FMCG products, our choice is on Fruits Products, Vegetables Products, Chicken Egg, Bashmati Rice and food & nutritional supplement. We want to contribute in the development of national economy of Bangladesh. That is why we are also concern about exporting Bangladeshi products to foreign market.

We can assure our foreign clients the best quality of Bangladeshi products at reasonable cost. In addition to developing and marketing our products, we attach considerable importance to corporate social responsibility, through which we contribute to the preservation of people’s health and sustainable development of our environment. Our goal is to carry the name Methopath Group into the future as a guarantee for reliability, quality and confidence.

We wish to expand gradually and increase our market presence. I am sure you will be pleased with our website and find much valuable information on it.

Best Regards

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